Oxford Opening Night

an honest independent review blog of Oxford's vibrant student theatre scene

About Us

Logo art: Deniz de Barros

First launched in 2016, Oxford Opening Night (OON) is an independent blog dedicated to reviewing Oxford student theatre. Here’s what makes us special:

  • EFFICIENCY – we upload reviews quickly so that shows may use them for marketing. Our reviewers are sent to the opening night of every production, and write their reviews that night to be published the following day.
  • NO RATINGS – we do not use ratings, as we firmly believe that every Oxford production is unique in its own way and they should not be pitted against each other by way of a quantitative system.
  • HONESTY – we pride ourselves in being unbiased and objective, offering constructive criticism for productions as well as highlighting their merits.

To join our team, please email oxfordopeningnight@gmail.com.

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