I have long heard of The Oxford Revue’s prominence in the student theatre scene. Composed of the best student comedians over the university and boasting impressive alumni, the Revue produces a range of performances and events throughout the year in pubs and theatres. Their last show, No Market For Old Men was commended for its feminist casting, and I was nothing but eager to see their new show, Funny Friends.

First to appear on the stage were the dazzling Cambridge Footlights. Dressed in colourful clothes to match the bright expressions on their faces, the actors plunged the whole room into an ambience of celebrations and festivity. The host of the evening, Verity Babbs, gave humorous interjections between the performance of different troupes, teaching the audience different ways of clapping and how to clap at the right time.

The Durham Revue, hailing from the deep, cold north certainly did not disappoint. Four actors dressed in simple school uniforms danced about the stage and performed a series of funny sketches. They were probably my favourite part of the evening, as they really managed to draw me inside the show. The twenty minute interval that followed initially seemed a bit long, but the joyous background music that resounded in the Playhouse kept the audience’s mood up for a drink, a rest and another hour of sketches.

After the interval, this year’s world-premiere of the Oxford Revue’s Wasted finally graced the stage. The lauded sketch comedy troupe performed a variety of sketches, ranging from the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Effort, blood donating, and a love-triangle between a father, his daughter and her boyfriend. There were also allusions to contemporary political events such as Brexit as well as historical events like the sinking of the Titanic. These everyday scenes may seem trivial on their own, but put together, they offer an insightful kaleidoscope for exploring the absurdity, soddenness, and desolation of today. The best part of the comedy was that each scene was unique, exciting, but brief, so the audience was never bored.

In short, it was a joyful evening filled with nothing but good laugh, two-hours of sketch comedy encompassing humour from all across the country and a perfect antidote to the stress of my prelims revision.